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Twitter Went Down

If you are reading this, then you are online. And if you’re online, you will know all about how Twitter went down on Tuesday the 18th January 2016. Now, working in web design, I know the panic that goes on behind the scenes when one of our websites goes down, and we work and work and work until we fix the problem and put it back together.

twitter went downBut I was honestly shocked by the pure horror that coursed through everyone on Tuesday morning when they were met with the ‘Oops! Something went wrong’ page on their twitter homepages. Millions of people all around the word were at a loss of what to do. It even made it onto the news.

Are we too reliant on our mobile phones these days? Absolutely. But is it the device that we are addicted too, or is it social media? There is a difference. Social media can be accessed on desktop computers, mobiles, iPods, tv’s, kindles, anything really with the access to the internet.


Twitter Went Down And The World Didn’t End

Although, it felt as if it had for many of us regular twitter user. Twitter went down for less than half a day and it caused havoc. How were we going to know what song someone was listening too? Or what funny picture comparison someone else found? Or how were we going to get our news or check up on our favourite celebrity? The front door to one of the biggest social media platforms was closed and we panicked. We all almost had to talk to people face to face. THE HORROR.

I, personally, know very well that I’m very reliant on twitter. In work I use it every single day to send out tweets for many of client’s social media packages, but I also use it personally. I tweet random or funny things I find out during the day, I use it to get my news about goings on around the world and to check up on what my favourite celebs are getting up to. I, like everyone else in the whole world, couldn’t go an entire day without checking it or sending at least one tweet, but I didn’t quite realise the importance of twitter until the site went down.

The difference between this decade and last is drastic. Social media is taking over all of our lives, and I think we’re all already far too dependant on it to ever go back the way now. I dread to think of what the online world will be like ten years from now.

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