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Social Media For Business

In the past ten or so years Social Media has blown up. It is all over the internet. You can barely go onto a website or see an advertisement that doesn’t have the signature ‘F’ or the recognisable little bird icon, letting you know that you can also find them on social media.

Social media is huge, there are hundreds of platforms, but there are only a few main ones. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the must haves. There are a few more, but some are only really aimed at certain business types. These three are for absolutely everything.

Some people have made a career out of positing on social media. YouTubers, rightly names, make their money by posting interesting videos online and sharing them.

social media for business

There are ‘Facebook Famous’ people, and even Instagram models. Social media is absolutely massive and the possibilities are endless when it comes to it. And it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

If you are, for some strange reason, holding back on creating social media for business promotion, then just have a read at the rest of this article for reasons on why you absolutely should get social.

‘Why Should I Get On Social Media’

Social media helps you to deliver better customer service 

People no longer pick up the phone and ask questions, they would rather look online and find out for themselves. If google can’t help them, then social media is the next port of call. Twitter users can instantly tweet a business directly if they have any queries. You can send a message on Facebook, or send a direct message through Instagram.

It is crucial that you are visible on social media, especially the ones that the majority of your clients use. You need to make sure that you are active on these accounts to that you can monitor your mentions and be able to answer customer questions.

Social media helps you to manage your reputation

This is a critical part of any marketing strategy and social media is a fast, easy and effective way to do this. You are able to reply to comments and complaints quickly, and this instant feedback demonstrates high levels of customer service.

Social Media is also less formal, so customers feel more satisfied with the level of customer care they receive when issues are resolved efficiently. Such a visible demonstration of strong customer service can have a really powerful effect on your reputation, they are more than likely to tell their friends and family about the level of customer service they received instead of posting negative comments online.

Social Media Increases trust in your business 

The internet is full of scammers and fake websites pretending to be someone else, so having your social media accounts help your customers find out the authenticity of your business.

social media in business

As long as you are active on social media and share decent content, not just links to SEO articles and such, then your customers will be filled with trust. This will 

also give them an easy access way to get in touch with you, and this is one of the things many potential customers look fo


Social Media is a great place to promote your business and content 

Marketing is one of the most important things in business, to get customers you need to advertise your brand. If you have a news page or a blog on your website, you will be able to share the content across your social media platforms to bring in more traffic. If your content is interesting and people want to read it, then they will, and if they like it, then they will willingly share it on their own social media and then more and more people will see it. It is the easiest and not to mention, cheapest way of promoting your brand.

Social Media drives website traffic 

Being active on social media brings in much more traffic than you perhaps realise. If you share the relevant content, engage with your followers and post regularly then you will attract people to your business. If you link your website to your social media then it gives your potential clients an easy way to visit your website for more information about your products or services.

Social Media For Business 

These are only a few of the main reasons why you should get social media for your business, but after reading only five, you shouldn’t need to read any more. The reasons why you should have social media are too good to pass up, so if you’re holding back on, you need to move forward with the times and get on the the social ladder.

social media for business

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