Our Team Introduced the World to Shirley Paris Jewellery


Discover How Our Team Introduced the World to Shirley Paris Jewellery By Expanding their Market Outreach.

The Shirley Paris Jewellery website was in a poor condition upon our first meeting with their team. The site was pulling in little to no sales with out of date designs and dysfunctional server errors that caused poor user experiences. The Shirley Paris Jewellery website required serious maintenance in order to restore it into a site that would pull in revenue.

The owners of Shirley Paris Jewellery spent a large budget on their website; yet in the 4 years that the site was live, it had not pulled in a single sell. The owners were understandably hesitant to invest in another website reconstruction; because of this, our team gave special care to all of their concerns and reservations regarding our services.

This client had already been to hell and back with other developers, so they came to WDG feeling sore and hopeless.


Building a Website and Brand

The Shirley Paris Jewellery website was severely lacking in visual appeal. While the Jewellery that the shop produces is generally one of a kind, the site itself did nothing to express that valuable aspect of the brand. There was a lack of organic, unique appeal that should bring potential customers to the purchasing page. To counter this issue, we hired a professional photographer to capture the beauty of each original piece to upload to the website.

Our team took time to analyze the presence and assets of the Jewellery website and found that a new site + SEO package would be the ideal choice for immediate results. We began this process by establishing communication with the Shirley Paris team in order to ask about their preferences, goals, values, and ambitions—we wanted to know what they wanted their website to achieve.

The strategic plan that carried us to success with this website was based around the interests and goals of the Shirley Paris Jewellery team. We set up a complete eCommerce WooCommerce system, trained the Shirley Paris team for site management, and helped them to learn how to best utilize their new website.


Brand new WooCommerce
global professional custom shop
with all products, pricing and stock
levels all managed easy by the client direct.



A slick website that works across all devices and makes life easy for selling online

We built the new Shirley Paris Jewellery website on the WooCommerce platform so that it could be an easily expandable project for future success. As their business grows, so will their website. We constructed features to give the Shirley Paris team easy access to image, product, news, offers, and discount code updates whenever they need them.

This total site reconstruction and an extensive SEO campaign brought the Shirley Paris Jewellery brand to life. We achieved a wide assortment of 1st position rankings for the new site which, in turn, resulted in higher sales for their business. We ran a social media campaign that turned into high levels of conversions and gave complete training and assistance to the entire team so that they would be ready to take their success with them into the future of their brand.

Shirley Paris Jewellery is a brand that has found elevated levels of success through the website that they partnered with DDA to achieve.

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Client Review

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"We were so pleased with our updated website which allowed us to better show off our range of products, as well as the services we provide. Domain got the design just as we wanted, which was simple and easy to navigate. We also had them design a new logo to go along with our site which we love. Our clients comment on our site regularly, and how it prompted them even further to pay us a visit. The team were always an email away when helping us during the building of the site and afterwards. The website drives traffic to our shop, and during the pandemic was a great way for us to reach our clients remotely and still sell to them whilst our shop was closed.”

Hannah Shirley Paris Jewellery


Find out how Shirley Paris Jewellery got their beauitful products online with us and selling while their main shop was closed.