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Full Branding For New Start-Up Law Firm

While Rooney Family Law may be a brand new site, Brian Rooney is well recognised around Glasgow. After he decided to branch out his business, establishing a new brand image to represent his law firm was the smartest choice that he could make. Brian needed an image that best represented his qualifications and characteristics as a lawyer, but also introduced his new firm to the community in hard hitting new ways.

Stereotypical law firm pages can feel so boring and run-of-the-mill dull. After shopping through many operations and potential web developers that all seemed the same, he met Web Designers Glasgow.

Brian was looking for a fresh, friendly website that would attract clients from all over with exciting, engaging content that would help him to be found.


How Did We Do It?

Instead of traditional, aggressive styles of most law firms, Brian Rooney was looking for something more soft and helpful; he wanted to have his image represent his brand as a firm that is ready and willing to help at a moment’s notice.

Our team worked hard to give Brian Rooney our complete attention and respect through his image creating process. We listened to his needs and sorted out a plan of action that would take his new law firm presence to the next level.

We came up with new illustrations and site structures that Brian could look through and approve for final implementation. We took his ideas and combined them with our experienced levels of expertise to provide his new law firm image with quality work that he would love.


What Was the Outcome?

Brian Rooney’s family law firm website was launched with SEO goals that ranged from short to medium to long term. We started with the short term goals so that Brian’s website was found instantly among the general traffic for fast conversions. In just the first 3 months of being set up, Brian’s law firm attracted over 1000 visits per month; this high level of traffic is accredited to our clever AdWords additions and organic pushes for the promotion of continued growth. From there, we worked to ensure that his site would continue to get traffic as time went on.

Brian’s website is multi-device compatible for a better user experience no matter where it is accessed.


The client wanted a softer
approach on the website and not
your typical law firm images used
throughout the website. So we came
up with this illustrations style of site
which the client loved.


High Level SEO Research

Here at Web Designers Glasgow, we care about the success of your brand image and website both during our completion of your project and after. We put in the time and effort that it takes to research the best keywords and phrases that are guaranteed to attract traffic directly to your website, no matter how new it is.

Our team at WDG isn’t like normal law firms—we care about the quality, consistency, and success of your brand as a whole. Working with WDG means working with an operation that wants the best for your brand—just like you.

For a brand new website to be getting over 1000 monthly visits on average after only 3 months proves the seo plan and website works to attract people to these services. The mix of both adwords and organic pushes will ensure the website contunies to grow over time into even better positions than were we are after only 3 months.

Client Review

Read What A Client Says
About Our Services.

“After starting my own law firm, I was very eager to find a web designer who suited my needs and understood what I was trying to do with my company. Web Desginers Glasgow proved to be the perfect fit, meeting and exceeding my expectations and requirements.

“The team helped to come up with a stunning logo and website, as well as helping me get off the ground with the complex world of SEO. Their work has helped me to secure a collection of new clients and I have been receiving an amazing amount of positive feedback.

“I have been so impressed with WDG that I have decided to continue working with them to realise my longer-term SEO goals. I would not hesitate to recommend this fantastic company to any business owners looking to launch a fresh website or improve on their old one.”

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Find out how Rooney Family Law got the fresh, friendly and find-able website they fought so hard to find.