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RIP Twitter

#RIPTwitter was trending over the weekend, and some of the reaction tweets to this trend were the funniest I have seen all year. Although, to be honest, some of them were pretty accurate to my case as when you see such a hashtag, you begin to think the worst. What would I do without twitter? Where else could I talk about wanting pasta at 3am and have other people relate? Where else would I get my celebrity news the second it becomes public news?

One of the things learned from this hashtag is that myself and more or less the rest of the population is far too addicted to twitter. Especially because the whole reason behind this hashtag was that twitter was APPARENTLY going to change its algorithm. That’s all. The whole twitter meltdown was over a rumour that started on Buzzfeed of all places.

The rumour was that twitter was going to change it’s algorithm (Don’t know what that is? If you need a definition, then click on the word for an an easy BBC bitesize post all about what an algorithm is), to one that was similar to Facebooks.

It was going to show the tweets by relevance instead of the current way of showing them in reverse chronological order, so right now it’s a backwards timeline and it’s been like that right from day one so it’s familiar and we apparently absolutely do not want that to change.

RIP Twitter .. Too Far?

To be fair, Facebook is pretty outdated for us young folk, and we make fun of it on a regular basis on twitter. We came to twitter because we didn’t like Facebook anymore and now there were talks of making it similar? Em, no thanks.

Of course we were going to a bit annoyed about this news, but the absolute mayhem it caused was a bit ridiculous.

And by a bit, I mean hugely, massively ridiculous! There were talks of people deactivating their twitter accounts the day the change was made in protest and all sorts.

People on twitter like nothing more than to moan about twitter on twitter. And people absolutely do not like change. It was the same when twitter introduced headers into profiles, and it was the same when the ‘favourite’ button was changed to ‘like’, because that was already too much like Facebook. But trending RIP Twitter was too far.

However, CEO of twitter Jack Dorsey was quick to take to twitter (fitting) to debunk these ridiculous rumours and spread calm throughout the whole of twitter. He said that they ‘never planned to reorder timelines this week’ ‘Twitter is live. Twitter is Real-time. Twitter is about who and what you follow and twitter is here to stay! By becoming more Twitter-y’.

Thanks Jack for saving twitter from cruel rumours about change, and for giving all of us twiglets peace of mind that twitter will remain as twitter-y as always!

RIP Twitter

Here are some of the best tweets that I had the privilege of seeing on my timeline when all of this was going on..

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