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Apple, Twitter and Facebook Quarterly Report

AppleTwitter and Facebook are about to report their quarterly results. They are the three most talked about companies in the world right now and mostly because all three of them are at a really interesting crossroads in their respective futures.

I will never fully understand how it is possible for social media to have become so absolutely massive in the online world. I of course understand the importance of it in the business world, I know all about it from a personal view as a user myself. However, I wont ever understand every single in and out of it. I will never understand what goes on the background.

I know how to manipulate social media for my own benefit and the benefit of business, but I will never know all of the details about what goes on behind the scenes. How is the money really made? Is advertising bringing in the majority of the profit? What does Facebook do with the information that they receive from users every day? If you don’t work behind the scenes, you’ll never truly know.

Apple, Twitter and Facebook Quarterly Report

This is why the quarterly report is so important in the business world, the competitors get to see how well, or not so well their competition is doing. We all know that twitter and Facebook have been going head or head for a number of years’ now, they’re always trying to one up one another.

They are of course not the only two social media platforms, but they are the ones that are used by business’ the most, hence the reason why entrepreneurs are so interested. They need to keep on top of the latest online marketing tools to make sure they are dong the very best for their business.

Facebooks Motivational Strategy

This is one of my all time favourite business strategies. I am personally team twitter, but Mark Zuckerberg is a business minded genius. We all already new that, but did you know that the Menlo Park headquarters of Facebook has the most brilliant motivational sign for the workers.

There is of course the famous ‘Facebook like’ thumbs up icon, but on the back of this sign, there is STILL the sign of the previous tenants of the same locations.

Apple, Twitter and Facebook Quarterly ReportApple, Twitter and Facebook Quarterly Report

The Sun Microsystems sign is still displayed on the back of the Facebook sign, looking very tired and worn out and out dated. This is put there so that whenever the Facebook employees leave work every day they get a glimpse of what can happen to a once mighty and dominant company that doesn’t keep at least three steps ahead of the competitors.

This is the most brilliant strategy, something so simple with such a huge impact. Very Facebook of them.

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