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Learn How We Gave ProTyre a Running Start

Introducing them the Right Way into the Industry of Online.

When our team first came into contact with ProTyre Recycling, it was easy to tell that the business itself was brand new and in need of a push to help them to establish credibility and trust among their potential clients. The operation did have its own Facebook page; however, the account was rarely updated and was more or less forgotten.

After our first meeting with the team at ProTyre Recycling, we learned that there was no definitive goal or strategy that carried them forward. The brand had grown simply by word of mouth and their own merit; but they knew that if ProTyre Recycling would have a chance against the larger companies on the market, they would need to establish a strong presence online.

ProTyre Recycling is focused on accepting a large variety of waste tyres from both the private and commercial sector while keeping in line with waste management regulations. This job required a website to explain to potential clients exactly what the ProTyre Recycling brand is all about and why they are the best in the industry.

ProTyre Recycling works directly with SEPA in order to ensure that their recycling, handling, and disposal services are completed at the highest standards; this unique aspect of their brand was very important to highlight in any new content that we would produce for their brand marketing. One of our head designers was given the task of taking on the artwork for the project while specifically focusing on industry specific colors. We offered our client recommendations from professional standpoints while listening intently to every suggestion and request that they had to offer.

The Website

Our team recommended a Bespoke WordPress web design along with a dedicated SEO package to draw potential clients directly to the ProTyre Recycling website. We focused on the specific target market that Protyre Recycling had in mind so that we could offer objectives and incentives that the audience would love.

In a short period of time, ProTyre Recycling went fro having no online presence at all to a custom reputation that brought in new clients and conversions continuously.

Within 2 short months of website and SEO package implementation, ProTyre Recycling had achieved a high number of top listed positions within search engines. This fantastic result has led to the influx of high volumes of customers and converting clients that we set out to achieve.


Thanks to our SEO plan, which included full keyword strategy, the company's marketing has come on leaps and bounds, contributing to their growt over the past year.


A Smarter Way to Upgrade

A few months after that point, ProTyre Recycling has found success with a broad list of contracts with the support of our entire team managing their targeted SEO campaign. Over the last 6 months, the results of this website redesign and redevelopment have helped their business to become more visible, credible, and well established among their specified target audience.

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We at WDG are happy to be a part of the success story of ProTyre Recycling. Our team is confident that the great results that have been made because of our site development and will continue to grow.

Client Review

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“We found Web Designers Glasgow when looking for a new design agency to do us a new website. All their work is to a very high level and we love our new designed site. WDG has always worked very well for us and helped out our business with all our branded marketing material promoting we are SEPA registered across all media”

Robert Protyre Recycling


Find out how Pro Tyre Recycling reached out to a whole new audience online.