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Phantom Vibration Syndrome

90% of mobile phone users (like, basically the entire population of the world) suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome. Sad really isn’t it? Thinking about it now seems absolutely bizarre, and the fact it is being classed as a ‘syndrome’ is just proving how much we as a species spend on our mobile phones.

Saying that, I have been known to suffer from this so called ‘Syndrome’ myself. I frown and grab my phone before shaking my head and thinking to myself, ‘I could have sworn I felt it going off’. But alas, no notification. I just thought I was loosing my mind, not that I was suffering from this so called ‘Syndrome’.

I’m not entirely sure what is worse, that this is being caused by a ‘learned bodily habit’, and classed as a syndrome or that we are so desperate to have someone talk to us virtually, that our minds are making us believe that we are feeling our phones going off when they’re not.

It was published in the Computers in Human Behaviour journal that by a person leaving their phone in their pocket, it becomes part of their body. I’m sorry, what? They’re saying that having your phone in your pocket becomes part of you, in the same way that a pair of glasses can? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read on my mobile phone that never leaves my hand..oh..

Phantom Vibration Syndrome – It’s real, people!

phantom vibration syndrome

We all know that technology is slowly but surely becoming a part of us. The first thing we do in the morning is frantically search our bed covers for our phone, we work on our phones and computers and some days talk to people only virtually. In the past, people scoffed and laughed when phones and computers first came out, thinking they would die out and nothing would ever come from them. Boy, they were wrong.

It is sad, and I am almost slightly ashamed to admit that I couldn’t go one full day without checking my phone. Not so much my text messages or phone calls, but rather the apps I have. My social media accounts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, you name it. I am a social media expert..but that’s not quite the point. I couldn’t go an entire day without it, but I know that I am no where near alone.

It is considered normal to sit on your phone all day and tweet and watch videos. People learn things, how to apply make up, how to change a tire, how to speak a language. The age of learning by doing is dying out rapidly. It is normal to have your phone in your hand 18 hours a day..but what is not normal is to have a ‘Syndrome’ named after the false feeling of your phone vibrating. To me, that is ridiculous. Even if I am a sufferer myself.

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