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The Kleerkut business is made of successful invasive weed specialists that put time, care, and dedication into each of their clients’ projects. With such a bold and unique operation, it was easy to tell that their decline in traffic and conversions came from their dull and old-fashioned brand image.

That’s where Web Designers Glasgow comes in.

Kleerkut hired WDG to provide a total brand redesign to enhance their client interest and sales while giving an updated system to their entire site structure. The brand itself worked hard to stay afloat in an industry of major nationwide giants that they competed against; in order to stay in business, they needed to look the part.


Creative, fresh and modern brand was born

This complete rebranding started with their website design. The Kleerkut design that occupied their old domain was outdated, tired, and nearly impossible to find on search engine listings; how can a business turn conversions if their site receives no traffic? It can’t. Kleerkut decided that their best next action would be to turn their branding and web design to our team at Web Designers Glasgow in order to invest in the future of their business.

Trusted Operations

Our partnership with the local Business Gateway resulted in a referral for our operation to Kleerkut. The local Business Gateway knew that Kleerkut was in need of a team that would focus on their individual needs for a project that would help to bring in traffic and higher rates of sales to their company.

Thanks to our talented team at the WDG WordPress development agency, Kleerkut were now armed with a website and PDFs which could complement their business development plans, and an online tool which could improve the user experience for existing clients.

Our team built visuals, site structures, and success models that the Kleerkut brand loved; from that point, we were able to begin on the implementation of these visuals and functions to their site. Then, it was time for a focus on SEO. The Kleerkut website was bringing in little to no customer traffic—a direct result of poor SEO implementation. After converting their site into an SEO based platform, we were able to make the final touches to the Kleerkut site.

Partnerships Made Right

Our experience with Kleerkut was a fantastic experience that led to the optimization of their new site and brand as a whole. We were happy to bring our expertise and quality deliveries to the table throughout our time working with Kleerkut, and the site structure and brand identity that resulted from our time with this business led to enhanced visibility, traffic, conversions, and profits for the brand as a whole.

Kleerkut received the website and PDFs that they offer their clients today, and are now completely successful with a high rate of lead generation across their brand.


From the moment that we first took on Kleerkut as our client, we gave their team our full attention and dedication. We asked the right questions and gave the right opportunities for communication so that they could give us their goals and visions for their brand in simple ways. We then took those visions and turned them into a reality.



We review competitors and existing website and creative the right plan to achieve the client’s goals and aims for the project


Next we start the designs and give the client a feel for how the new look is going to be layed out. This is the time for client input.


This is the busy stage were you need to leave things with us for a bit of time, while we put your bespoke design into a coded website.


Once your content is added to the website, we now look at optimising it to give the best response when viewed across the web.


Your keywords are build into the new website to help aid it being found via internet searches. Any additional SEO plan you have taken is begun.


Once live this is only the beginning of your new websites SEO life. We will review and add new updates so over time you gain more positions.

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“Web Designers Glasgow is the only agency that when looking for a web designer delivered a complete service. They took an interest in what I wanted and came back with some fantastic, creative ideas. I have been blown away by the level of service and attention they have given myself and my staff. I have recommended them to many colleagues and will continue to do so.”

Paul Burns Kleerkut


Find out how Kleerkut got a stress-free website re-design that not only looks great but works to generate leads too.