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Instagram Update

The days of logging out and logging in and posting pictures on the wrong accounts and liking pictures from the wrong accounts are over!! Phew..

Instagram has just brought out the best update they EVER have, and all of the social media managers around the world are still giddy after a full week. Introducing the Multiple Account Manager!

New Instagram Update

Loads of people have more than one Instagram account for what ever reason, you maybe have a personal account and then a photography account, or a fan account, or like me, you have 12 different Instagram accounts including personal and client accounts. I easily spend about two hours a day JUST signing in and out of Instagram accounts. Horrific, I know, but those days are now over!

All you have to do is go onto any one of your accounts and go into your settings, you scroll down and find the new option that says ‘Add Account‘, you sign into the account that you wish to add to the previous one and you’re ready to go.

The profile picture of the account that you are currently using will appear throughout your time line and will be on the icon for the ‘profile’ button on the bottom options. This way you can easily tell which account it is that you’re currently using.

New Instagram Update Lets You Switch Accounts

You can easily switch through your accounts by going to your profile page where you will see your current user name in the top left corner, you click there and a list pops down showing you the rest of the accounts that you have linked. All you have to do is click the user you wish to use and it will switch. It’s brilliant, and so quick and easy to use.

You get all your notifications through to your phone for each of the accounts, but if this is going to clog up your phone you can turn the notifications off on the accounts that you don’t want to see, and only leave them on for your personal account.

Turn Notifications Off On Business Pages

Instagram Update

Personally, although I do love to see that the post is going well, I get far too many notifications for all my different accounts, so I turn the notifications off and only check them when I want to see how many likes and comments one of the posts gets.

It gets extremely annoying when you get a notification in the evening and get excited thinking your selfie is still getting noticed, but then you’re let down when it’s just from a post on one of your client’s profiles.

This new Instagram update has been up for a week now, and I can’t even imagine my life without it now. It makes things so much easier as Instagram is a big social media platform for many companies, advertising is very big now and Instagram  is an amazing (FREE) way of doing this!

Thanks Instagram, this update has been the best one yet!!

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