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How To Use Hashtags in Social Media

Hashtags have been around since the very beginning of social media, but now they are starting to be used to their full potential. Social media users began to realise the importance of hashtags when twitter started becoming the most used social media platform. Tweets were getting more and more recognition when they included hashtags and people started to think, ‘Hey wait a minute ..this is actually working. We should make this a thing’

So that’s what they did. They began creating hashtags for various different things to help clump together tweets of the same topic and nature. You can hashtag on almost every social media platform now (

don’t quote me on that, I know most of them but I don’t know ALL of the social media platforms).

How To Use Hashtags

Though, there are two main social media sites that it is actually beneficial, Twitter (of course) and Instagram.

If you have been living under a rock without internet connection for the past few years and you don’t actually know what a hashtag is (and if that is the case I hope you spend plenty of time catching up ..there’s a lot you’ve missed. Like the series finale of How I Met Your Mother ..big dissy!), then I can tell you that a hashtag is simply a keyword or key phrase typed without spacing that has a hashtag symbol in front of it.

For example- #iamahashtag #dontmakemetoolong #noonewillwanttoactuallyreadme

Hashtags Make Your Content Searchable

If your twitter isn’t connected anywhere,  even if you don’t have any followers and you’re not sharing your content anywhere else other than onto your timeline, with the hashtag, your content will be together with all the other content posted in that stream.Hashtags are really helpful in the world of social media marketing. They simple make your content searchable easily. You are able to add your own content to a larger stream of other content that is made up of conversations that include the same particular hashtag.

For an account that is just starting up on twitter, it is smart to use hashtags of relevance in every tweet, just to get your account out there and noticed so you can start bringing in followers.

Every big account started from nothing once, so there is nothing stopping you from making your social media accounts big.

How To Use Hashtags - Original Content

If you want to start having your very own hashtag for your business, so all of your content will be kept in the one place, and other people can use it too and you will be able to find them easily without them actually tagging you in the post. (Users love this; they love being found for their content instead of tagging the accounts directed).

If you do this, make sure that it is original. Don’t try to take over someone else’s hashtag, the original user will get annoyed, as will the users who are looking for the original account and not yours. It would get messy and it’s not worth it

How To Use Hashtags

So make sure that your hashtag hasn’t been used before, or if it has make sure it’s not very common and not frequently used, then you will be able to change that.

You want to make sure that you are hitting your own target audience, and to do this, you need all original content.

If you are creating a custom hashtag. Keep it short. People need to be able to type the keywords into the search field quickly and easily without risking any typos. You also need to keep it short otherwise people wont even be able to read them. There have been many occasions where the text in the hashtag reads as something else, sometimes it could seem like something rude as there are no spaces between words.

Although we do get a chuckle out of these when we see them, it’s really only funny if it’s someone else that’s messed up rather than you. You want to seem professional, even on social media.

Do NOT Over Hashtag

Just as a final note on hashtags, although they are very important and have a lot of advantages, make sure that you don’t over do it. One or two hashtags per tweet is advised. If you use anymore then you risk loosing characters for your actual tweet, and you may also be seen as spamming. Which is never good.

Instagram is different, you can use as many as you like on this social media platform, but on twitter, limit it.

How To Use Hashtags


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