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Google April Fools

Google managed to cause a bit of an issue on Friday when their April fools prank backfired.

Looks like we pranked ourselves this year.” Was the statement from Google after they took the Gmail button off that sent recipients an animated picture gif of a minion dropping the mic, forcing them to then leave the conversation they were in.

Google April Fools

This then was getting loads of people in trouble with their employers. One man claimed to have lost his job due the mic drop.

Another said that they missed their deadline due to accidentally sending the mic drop instead of the articles they were due to submit to their boss.

Another complained that thy had been having job interviews with a company for three months and then sent the mic drop email to the HR department. Oops.

All users had been informed of the button and what it would do via a message in Gmail when it first appeared.

Google April Fools

Also, users with the “undo send” capability enabled would have been able to retract a message within a certain time period after sending it.
So really, it’s not Googles fault at all, is basically what they are saying. But they did take the button off after they got loads of complaints so they did the right thing. But still managed to giggle it off as Google can really do no wrong.

Google April Fools

Google originally announced the creation of Gmail on 1 April 2004 and, at the time, there was speculation as to whether the email service was an April Fool’s stunt.
All major newspapers do an April fools article every year, and it’s a test to try and decipher which article is real and which is not as a lot of the news now is a bit unbelievable.

Basically, the 1st of April is the one day a year where you can’t trust anyone. Not even Google.


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