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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the future. It tells you absolutely everything you need to know about your website.

In short, it is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports your personal website traffic. 

What Can I Find Out from Google Analytics?

The amount of data calculatgoogle analyticsed by Google Analytics is more or less endless.  The software tracks your page views, where people are coming from, where they are exiting your website, bounce rates, time spent on the website..and so much more!

the demographics of people looking at your site and with this, you can directyour c

You can find out everything that you need to know about your website, and make changes accordinglyto help better your business. ontent to the appropriate audience. 

How Much Do I Ned to pay for Google Analytics?


Yes, you read that right. Google analytics is absolutely free! All you need is your own google account for your website and you’re set and ready to go!

How Can I Use This Information?

The information that you can gather from your analytics can help you in so many ways. You could, for example, decide to update your blog more if you see that your blog gets the most views. You

can also determine which day is the best to update it, and you can see where the best place to promote it is.

google analytics

You can find your target audience and then plan out an email marketing campaign to try and promote your business again to the appropriate group of people.

You can analyse your business spending and track your progress. You can see clearly where the business has peaked and with the data you can find out exactly why.

You can keep track of inbound and outbound traffic, and see the peak times of your website. Using this information, you can advertise at the correct times and get the best out of your business

The ways to use the information gathered are endless.

Does the Analytics also analyse from Social Media?

Yes! Google Analytics can tell if your audience are finding you on social media, and you can use this to your benefit.

You may not be getting any hits from your Facebook page, so you can start to link your website to your actual posts. Or you can post more on twitter if you are getting most of your hits from there.

How Will Google Analytics help my Google Rankings?

With Google Analytics, you can find out which pages are your most popular, and the ones that aren’t doing so great. You can then go to these ones that aren’t getting hits and better them.

People are lazy, and when they see a whole load of text on a page they tend not to bother reading it. To avoid people leaving your page due to this, you could change the page and make them nicer on the eye.

How do do this:

It is really easy to do this, you could simply add H2 and H3 headings, make important things in bold or colour and definitely add pictures. People love pictures.

You should make the text more readable, change the content to something that your audience will want to read and see. Grab their attention and keep it. Then put in a call to action and get yourself a new customer.

Web Designers Glasgow

Web Designers Glasgow specialise in Web design and SEO, and to ensure that we get our clients to the best possible ranking on google, we use the information we learn from the analytics reports and put changes to the websites we’ve created.

It is a standard procedure for us to issue a google analytics account to all of our clients, we can issue reports and help you out on your way to page one of google.

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