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Glasgow Central Tours Testimonial

Our new website just wouldn’t work. We were losing out on bookings and sales and something had to be done urgent. We tried many times to fix the website but in all honestly it was just a waste of time as the design agency trying to fix their work, just couldn’t resolved the issues within the website.

This is were Andy and Jason came in. We had a meeting with them and discussed all the website issues we were having. They went away and had a look into how bad things were behind the scenes, and when they reported back to us with the news it was that bad as we feared it was, we would save more time by starting the website over again.

Our initial thought on this was that we knew deep down it was required, even if the website had only went live six months previous. So i told them the type of style we wanted for new site and it wasn’t long for them to complete the first visuals and sent then back to us. To say we were delighted wouldn’t even cover it, the new designs were everything our tour company wanted in line with the history of the station.

They then created the website, ready for us to test in only a few weeks. Immediately it was obvious how superior the new system was to the old one. It was easy to manage and update the calendar with new days and time slots. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, compared to the previous system, were you had to copy and paste one day at a time – that sucked big time, and that’s when it worked!

We have a lot of users daily on the website, so the website had to work correct this time round and I’m happy to say it does. Our sales from the new website are in a different world to the previous website and we are really happy with the speed of the calendar that is now active for our users to book months in advance.

We can only shower the team at Web Designers Glasgow with praise. We are now working the way we should have been in the first place, it is just a shame we never used these guys the first time round! We have had other banners and flyers created by their talented design team, printed and delivered when they said they would be. The finished products were all in the new branding and looked fantastic at vrious points around Glasgow Central Station. We love it all and are proud now to show it all off.

They also added in other features to the website that our previous supplier couldn’t complete for us. Now we have gift vouchers with codes and barcodes to ensure a smooth process. We are able to use the barcode code tickets for when our guests arrive for a tour. I’m sure we will be busy this year, with the guys working on new additions to our website, and we wish Andy and Jason all the best for the future.


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