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Design Trends 2016

Web trends are changing and upgrading and getting more and more up to date more or less every single day. The progress has substantially risen in just the last few years and it’s only getting better.

This is a highly competitive business, everyone is trying to have the best website or the website that is the most responsive and the most up to date, the website that is higher up in google under the appropriate key words. It is non stop because things literally change over night, and if you ignore your website for even a week, you will notice a difference.

To keep on top of the new design trends 2016, read on to find out a whole bunch of trends that you are sure to see much more of in the coming year.

Background Videos

One of the trends that has been popping up more and more is the backgrounds of websites being full screen videos. The key to making this work is learning how to support and not distract the website viewer from the actual content of the website.

The videos need to loop perfectly to make for the perfect background. They make the website look very fancy, they make the web designer look very professional, and let’s face it, they look cool!

Mobile Apps and Social Sites

Mobile Applications and Social Sites are going to dominate the web design world. Social sites have been growing in popularity for the past five years now, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest..the list is endless really. And they’re all becoming more and more important. Social media is some business’ only source of advertisement. And it works.

Mobile apps are not going away any time soon and designers are getting so much better and advancing in designing them. They are expanding onto more and more platforms such as smart TV’s, smart watches, our kindles, our TVs, everything.

The percentage of people using a browser to using applications is unanimous, with browsers only winning 14%, and applications taking over with 86%. No one uses the given browsers anymore. Even for google, there is an app.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is another. This has been around for a while already but in 2016 almost all websites should be looking to become responsive. Desktop computers aren’t exactly becoming outd

ated, and many people do prefer this.

Also, in the workplace, desktop computers and laptops still dominate. But almost every single person from the young age of 14 now has a smart phone of some sort and each household has at least one type of tablet. Even shops and restaurants are turning digital and using smart devices for their customers to order food or take their orders.

design trends 2016

The amount of people who are using their smart devices has increased massively and is only going to keep increasing. This is where responsive web design becomes highly important. You need your

website to be accessible on every platform as you may end up loosing business if your website is only accessible or easy to use on a desktop computer.

Increased Minimalism

Responsive design and flat design both come hand in hand with increased minimalism. The web is becoming more advanced and more complicated every day, and the more it does, the more minimalism is becoming more attractive. That’s a lot of mores. But in this business, it seems that it is going to be less is more.

No one wants to go onto a website and be overwhelmed with images and colours and options. They want things to be simple and very clear. You want it to be so that when someone goes onto your website they will stay there for a while, and then maybe even return later if they like what they see. The key to this, is minimalism.

Design Trends 2016

Who knows what 2016 will bring. There are advancements every single day, their was a time where we didn’t have screens on our mobiles and only the very important people had a laptop for their work, not for leisure. But now we have smart phones and tablets and smart watches and the most powerful of computers available to buy and we’re working on self driving cars. The technology world is expanding and we cannot be certain of what this year will bring, but we can plan ahead for the future and these predictions are already starting to creep in.



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