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Alphabet overtakes Apple

It has come to attention that the parent firm of Google has now overtaken Apple as being the world’s most valuable company by market.

Alphabet overtakes Apple

Alphabets share price rose almost 5% on Monday night after the release of it’s fourth quarter and annual results, a performance that was released when Wall Street opened for business on Tuesday.

Alphabet is Google, Google is taking over

Now personally, I had never even heard of Alphabet before today, and now it is suddenly the biggest company in the entire world. Which is probably not the best thing to admit considering I work in web design. But when I learned that it was Google, I completely understood. Google is literally going to take over the world, you heard it here first. Actually, probably not as it’s been said for years, but it truly is going to happen.

alphabet overtakes apple

So when people talk about Alphabet, they really mean Google. They are saying that google is the ‘old company’ but I don’t think that is the correct term. Google is only going to grow and expand and branch out and any other adjective that means to get bigger, it will do it.

Technology is growing every day, and Google is right there at the forefront of it. And now that this part of google has actually over taken Apple in being the most valuable company in the entire world, it just goes to show how tough the competition is and how ever more the online world is growing.

When I was little I thought that by now we’d have flying cars and teleportation machines, but really, we’re not very far off it. I cannot wait to see what the world will be like in ten years time.

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