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Going Beyond Company Network Limits

The success of Aerial Access Services is a subject that could never be discredited. While the business as a whole seemed to be at maximum performance, its owner/founder knew that it could go even further. In order to reach new levels of success, the owner/founder of Aerial Access Services got into contact with our team at Domain Design Agency for a total brand overhaul.

One of the biggest problems that business owners face when seeking out a total brand overhaul is the loss of recognition that your current clients know you for. You don’t want to lose the representation and credibility that you already have; if performed without strategy and unprofessionally, rebranding your current successful business can lead to devastation among your own clients.

Prior to contacting Domain Design Agency, the Aerial Access Services business relied solely on offline promotion for leads. This method of marketing is outdated and dull—it was time to make a change.

When switching to an online method of lead generation, the web development team that you work with should focus on three specific factors: 1. Not upsetting existing clients 2. Positioning the business for high-end, target clients 3. Start a SEO path toward website and business success

We Were There to Help

Just like every journey that we take with each of our clients at Domain Design Agency, we started our process with Aerial Access Services by listening to their exact needs and visions for the future of their brand. We wanted to get a complete understanding of their customer base, target audience, and preferences that they had for their brand so that we could create a custom plan toward the success of their business.

Our team started with the structure of Aerial Access Services. By building a new website that would attract leads and increase sales, we were able to boost the brand’s selling potential. We introduced Case Studies into their website in order to increase their service credibility and reputation among all new clients.

We took all of the good aspects of their old site’s SEO functions and transformed them into great pieces that helped us to engage a more broad range of audiences. By encouraging the expansion of Aerial Access Services’s brand identity, we were able to target new ranges of client bases while continuing to give special care and attention to all of their original clients.


Thanks to our SEO plan, which included full keyword strategy, the company's marketing has come on leaps and bounds, contributing to their growt over the past year.


A Smarter Way to Upgrade

By the time that we finished our work with Aerial Access Services, we were able to keep their existing clients while drawing in new conversions and leads from a broad assortment of target locations. The brand itself was able to keep its original credibility and recognition while being updated enough to encourage client traffic and interest in new places.

Since our SEO plan began to show results, the Aerial team has noticed visible growth that seen very quickly after implementation. In the first 3 months after working with DDA, our client obtained Top 3 keyword positions:

phone raise

The SEO had a very real effect on Aerial Access's drive for new leads, putting them in front of a new audience which was searching for their specific services.

The website spread the word far and wide:


Unlike their previous website, the current website attracted users on several different types of devices. And as the plan continues to take effect, the results keep getting better thanks to the help of Web Designers Glasgow.

Client Review

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“Aerial Access Services have used Web Designers Glasgow for a number of years. All their work is to a high and professional standard, WDG has always worked well with Aerial Access Services and helped out our business with all our branded marketing material including website, emails, exhibition stands, flags and printed brochures.”

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